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Beginning Class Project:



Beginner's 3 and a half hour All-You-Need-To-Know
Learn how to transform your ordinary glass topped patio table into a stained glass jewel. Karen and Dick Seymour guide you though all the steps of making a stained glass table top. You will practice by making your own 4 inch "mini-tabletop" which you can take home and use as a coaster. Instruction booklet, all supplies and tool use are included in the class fee.

We teach you how to cut and grind glass -- no prior experience needed. Glue and grout can get messy so wear appropriate clothing -- including closed-toed shoes. Bring your own eye protection or wear our goggles. Preregistration is required. Class size is limited so call to register soon to reserve your place.

*Children must be accompanied by parent. Those under 12 years old usually don't have the strength and coordination to be successful at this.

I'll post additional classes as they are scheduled. If these don't work for you, please call me at 206-525-1577 to arrange a private class at my studio (beginning class for 1 to 6 students is $75 per student; other applique projects and leaded/copper foil training available, call for pricing). Or buy my book.

Or check with your local glass or garden store and have them call me if they would like to host a glass applique class. We'll come to you* if you get 6 to 12 students and have a suitable space (*call for details).

rainbow lanternrainbow lantern2

class project -- piecemeal pricing reflects variables in construction

Make a Rainbow Lantern
(2+ sessions)
inquire about schedule by phone

This class is for those who already know how to cut glass (or those who don't want to know more than straight line cuts). We've strip cut and tumbled the glass for the design at left: you can choose any combination of strips and globs. Please let me know in advance if you want a different set of colors. (If you wish to make a totally different design, bring the cut and ground pieces for one side to the first class and the class fee will be discounted $20 -- ask me to send you the template for size when you register)
Session 1: preparing the pieces and gluing the first side.
Homework: glue the remaining 3 sides at least 1 week before the next class

Session 2: grouting the lantern.
Homework: make hanging chain or adapter if desired

Session 3 (optional shorter follow-up session; you can easily do it at home instead) sealing the grout and adding the hanging chain or fence post adapter

Class fee $120 includes all materials and tool use except as noted below. Additional parts to configure your lantern:
+ $90 LED lights and solar parts, assembled and glued in place
+ $35
unassembled solar cell, LEDs and electronics parts kit, without batteries. Assemble them at home with your electronics iron and solder

+ $19 if you want a hanging chain kit
+ $15 for fence post adapter parts kit
If you are just setting the lantern on a table you don't need either kit. (both are unassembled copper: assemble them at home with your glass iron and solder. Add them in session 3).

Assembling electronics, hangers etc. will be demonstrated in class so you can finish it at home, we just don't have soldering equipment or space for all students to do complete circuit boards and hangers during the scheduled class time.

For further information contact me at 206-525-1577 or

5415 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle, Washington, 98103 (by appointment only)
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email: karen (you know how to punctuate at here but the auto-spammers don't) Be sure to put stained glass in the subject or it may be lost in the spam