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Classes 2018:

Glass Applique: Beginner's All-You-Need-To-Know in 3.5 hours
Learn how to transform your ordinary glass topped patio table into a stained glass jewel. You will practice by making your own 4 inch "mini-tabletop" which you can take home and use as a coaster. We teach you how to cut and grind glass -- no prior experience needed. Glue and grout can get messy so wear appropriate clothing, including closed-toed shoes. Bring your own eye protection or wear our goggles. Instruction booklet, all supplies and tool use are included in the class fee. Pre-registration is required. Class size is limited so call to register soon to reserve your place.

*Children must be accompanied by parent. Those under 12 years old usually don't have the strength and coordination to be successful at this.

Additional classes as they are scheduled.
If these don't work for you, please call 206-525-1577 to arrange a private class at our studio (beginning class for 1 to 6 students is $79 per student; other applique projects and leaded/copper foil training available, call for pricing). Or buy my book.

Tacky Fusing (not a beginner's class)

A 2 to 3 hour discussion of what happens at what temperature as glass softens in the kiln and how you can work with this/avoid problems caused by this. We end with an optional practice programming my kiln. This class is an attempt to help those who have regular access to the same kiln grow beyond simply using the pre-programmed full fuse. Adding texture gives a whole new dimention to your work!

$30; optional reference sample set $130

April 8 (Saturday), 10:00am - 12:30 pm
at Seymour Stained Glass Studio, Seattle
Call 206-525-1577 to register. $79

5415 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle, Washington, 98103 (by appointment only)
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For further information contact me at 206-525-1577 or
email: karen (you know how to punctuate at here but the auto-spammers don't) Be sure to put stained glass in the subject or it may be lost in the spam

All images and designs copyright Karen Seymour, 1999-2016

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DIY Books etc. FAQs, etc. Facebook Gallery